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DHA Defence Islamabad


DHA Defence Islamabad

DHA Islamabad is a very good housing society and located contained by the area of Rawalpindi Metropolitan. dha Islamabad is innovative in May 1992. Its developer is Habib Rafiq and its owner is Pakistan Armed Forces. Technical details included the size which is 50 sq km. It has subdivisions which included the phases and sectors. Phase include the Defence I, II, III, IV and the Defence Valley. Defence I is to be found in close proximity to the Morgah. It is also found near the Attock Refinery and the Soan that is River is also found near the Defence I. It is the getting on phase of Defence. It has a total area of round about 16,750 kanals that is 8.74 sq km.

Defence II is the leading subdivision and it is situated flanked by the Islamabad Express and the most common N-5 National Highway. Phase II has a launched conservatory in the year of 2005. dha Islamabad has also the Defence III. It is situated at the east of Bahria VIII and up to that time to the Bahria Garden. Defence IV is about the under construction. Defence Valley is in a state of uncertainty and positioned bordering to defence II and launched in the month of August 18, 2008.
Plot for sale in dha is on high rating now a days. Defence I has almost residential plots round about 3100. This phase is very developed and further divided into six sectors with all the conveniences and leisure of life. Dha is full of facilities like medical care centres are present near the defence Avicena is present and different health care units are also present which reach for help at the spot.

Plot for sale in dha defence

Services of family development and other awareness programs are conducted on monthly basis for the residents. 24 hours ambulance provision is also provided. Regarding education the best school APS that is sector B is present. Phase I is under the construction to save their residents from making the bridge at the Soan that is river at the situation of land sliding or at the critical situation of flood. Security system is very tight and schedule.

DHA Villas

Check posts are here. 24 hours protection surveillance is present. Unique waterfall park with the height of 65 feet is present and most common with the name of Defence Park. Plot for sale in dha is now demanding due to more current facilities which included the dissident electrification military. Plot for sale in dha is supplementary challenging due to the facilities of all type of utility stores, Mosque and the Defence Mall.

Amenities like Italian and continental Restaurant and Askari bank is also accessible for the residents. Ratio of investment is exceedingly augment now days and further with the passage of time. see more nearby housing societies like Bahria town

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